Sixteen / Nine Frankenstein

by Roobeh

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There's a bit of a buzz I noticed about what music is. Field recordings with a large gain increase and some effects are having their musical integrity questioned. Perhaps rightly so. I can relate this to my work in that while the samples I use are often just cut straight from the original artwork. What I hear in the samples is the experience of hearing the music rather than the art of the track itself.

Music has a profound effect on us. Shops use music to entice and is also often played at a pace to influence the perception of time by the customer. Music can evoke emotions through associations and memories. When all the music is added up. all the chaos and mixed associations emotions and memories form a neutral whole. A great sum that influences and reflects the world we live in.

The popular music industry seeks to profit and invests it's time into creating music that impart the average listener to help them increase profits in the future. Many do live a happy life without ever needing to stray away from the Taylor Swifts and Justin Biebers of the world. Many others however don't, including said popstars themselves. Most interested in music are so because they seek alternatives to look up to the tallest tower they can find and the little people stood up at the top.
Music is a tool of community and modern communities share their exposure to pop music weather they talk about it or not.

This album takes that unspoken experience and tries to shape it into something that can be seen and spoken about. This explains why sampling was inherent in the production of this album.

I hope you enjoy it, even if is not your musical preference. That comes down to the creative mind of any artist. I hope you can find time to appreciate the life you share with those around you however you perceive it. take time to contemplate but not to let that override taking actions in your life. Many will let you act on their behalf while you wait

I hope you don't mind this rambling on a bit but I'm waiting for the video to upload on my internet connection which will take a few hours. it will be a short while before I begin looking for something better to do. I will try to explain the album but know I tend to go by feeling with what's right while being creative so thinking it back may yield some erroneous observations and ideas. I invite you to form your own ideas about the content here and know it is just as valid as that of mine or anyone else.

I have tried to make this album more accessible as far as having a more distinct track separation. While I felt Cataclause had nice cohesive movements as a whole I wanted to create tracks that could have a bit more playability on their own this time around, allowing the listener to drop in a bit more easily. As is often the way, I have aspirations of creating music videos for a couple of parts of this album. Unlikely they will come to materialise or digitise as the case may be but I wanted to give myself the opportunity to act on that desire.

The artwork and title of 16/9 Frankenstein are themed with it's musical content. Perhaps people will assume that I the artist or the listener is depicted as inside of the cage unable to escape but this is not what is depicted. The world is a sphere and as the joys of geometry dictate, a round wall on a spheres surface will switch "inside" and "outside" once stretched over the diameter of said sphere. People often talk in music about escaping their boundaries as though they are caged like the macaw. the truth of the picture is that the cage is not to stop the bird form getting out but to stop the viewer getting in. The bird represents the beauty shown to us by a million different creatives and marketers and aspirational thoughts. In truth this beauty will always be unattainable because the reality is that there is no bird but for pixels on a screen and there is no wall to our own perception outside of our brains understanding of internal and external stimuli. indeed perception is perhaps the ultimate lie of the sentient being and judgement the most foolish response but I digress, this hasn't stopped the creation of the London Eye or the massive financial shift it plays every day as people go around in a circle for a bit and others get money to spend on more ferris wheels and other attractions.
The point is that while people feel they must escape they really must create rather than hoard or destroy their surroundings.

This explains the albums title. We are nurtured by the world around us every day of our lives. What becomes of us when we're nurtured by big business? Created out of parts of other media, This album is the crude assembly of creative mindsets to form a new spirit. One incapable of the many feats of an organised global superpower but sharing little parts here and there. Hopefully this symbolic character and self insert to the album is relatable enough for you to invest an hour of your time. You'll never get back, regardless.

Soon after YT to be uploaded to Bandcamp where you can download it with improved qualities for a small fee.
If you'd like a physical copy I can burn you off a CD and package it in a case so it looks halfway decent. If I get a few requests I might even get some done professionally.


released January 13, 2016

I'd like to put out a token thank you to all the artists and labels who led me to hear the music I have they have helped shaped me for better or worse into who I am today.

I'd also like to thank my friends for putting up with my bizarre mind venting on facebook and coping with the effects of spending most of my spare time over the last six months listening to short looped pieces of audio for extended periods of time. They're my personal heroes and I'm proud to be one of them.




Roobeh Swansea, UK




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